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I am looking to expand my relationships with companies that serve the EHS community. is visited by tens of thousands of safety professionals every month. Working with my site can be a great way to gain exposure for products and services offered by companies that serve the EHS community.

Some opportunities I am looking for from companies:

  • Looking for subject matter experts on various work processes, tasks, industries, etc. to write safety talks in return for exposure for the company’s services or products. Example: “Basic Crane Safety Toolbox Talk” written by a crane rental company. I am also willing to pay experienced safety pros to write specific content that I need for the site.
  • Looking to partner with companies that are interested in licensing my content for their own commercial use.
    NOTE: Companies or individuals CANNOT under any circumstances publish my content elsewhere (excluding social media channels) including other websites, databases, company servers, etc. without written permission. None of the information on the site can be resold or made part of a commercial endeavor without written permission. Content can be licensed if companies are interested. If I wanted others to make money off of the work I put into the site I would just become an employee of that company and work for a paycheck. The information on the site is intended to be used by safety professionals or supervisors to share with their work crews, any use outside of that needs written consent. Email me at or visit the Terms of Use page for more information.
  • Opportunities for guest posting on other safety blogs or company websites.
  • Freelancing¬†assignments for providing content on your company’s blog, also check out the web services we offer to the EHS market.
  • Possibly looking to have companies advertise in the sidebar or banner on the site.

I am also looking to partner with professionals in the EHS field. Some connections I am looking for:

  • I would love to have a graphic designer who also understands workplace safety.
  • I am looking to hire experienced safety pros to write content for the site.
  • I am interested in interviewing individuals who have expertise in a certain area of safety for a blog post.
  • I am interested in connecting with anyone in the EHS field who is creating a business or building an audience.

I am not interested in posting short blog posts, infographics, guides, etc. so that you can just link back to you site. Digital marketers/ SEO specialists I am speaking to you.

If you are interested in any of the above please do not hesitate to reach out to me at!

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