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Why Safety Talk Ideas Exists

I was talking to someone who uses the site regularly and she had some nice things to say to me about it. We were going back and forth emailing and she told me that her company has safety huddles every day. She went on to say that the frequency of talks sometimes made it difficult to find topics consistently.

I told her that the reason I started the site was to solve my own pain point which was being able to find many safety talk topics in one place. That conversation made me decide that I wanted to write about why the site exists and share it with visitors.

Anyways, I graduated from Slippery Rock University in 2014 and shortly after moved to Illnois for my first job as a Health and Safety Officer with my last employer. The first afternoon I was there the individual training me said, "You are doing this afternoon's safety meeting." …. Me: "Ahhhh ok? I guess I will think of something quick?"

It was a jumbled mess of an off-the-cuff talk about using 3 points of contact.

I am sure none of the workers there that day remember it, but I do because I was stressed that I was put on the spot like that.

At that particular jobsite the client required TWO 
safety talks per day. These talks were delivered to the same small crew that had been there for years completing a lot of similar work day in and day out. I was not a fan of having to give two talks per day, but that was the client's requirement and they pay the bills to keep us in business.

It was stressful though being new to safety and trying to add value TWICE daily to a crew that has heard (almost) every angle of safety you can think of. 

While I am not claiming I came in there and crushed day in and day out, because I definitely didn't, the situation did lead to what is now Safety Talk Ideas.

It took literally years of work (after working all day at my job) to write hundreds of free safety talks as well as other content, but the site now regularly does well over 100,000 pageviews every month!

Besides solving my own pain point of not having safety talks I have several other reasons I started, and continue to build Safety Talk Ideas:

- I get the opportunity to serve other safety pros.
- It is a creative outlet for me.
- I learn more about safety as I research for content.
- I learn so many other skills building this site up.
- I want to build an income outside of my 9 to 5 job (or in safety, 7-7).
- I get to connect with other professionals doing exciting things in the safety field.

Another benefit of working on this project is the limited number of rules I have to follow. Below is a list of them:

There are no rules.

I follow a lot of entrepreneurs, business coaches, personal development people, etc. and I really enjoy when they write in a style more like how this blurb of information is constructed. I like hearing the thought process or their perspective on things in their own voice if I choose to use my time to digest their content.

And I like when it is not so serious. So here is my take on it being more "me" on this platform. If you don't like it, I understand. This is one aspect of what makes Safety Talk Ideas different from other safety sites out there. For better or for worse.

But I think you will find there is a hole in the market that Safety Talk Ideas fills. I hope you stick around to be a part of its growth and to see its progression.

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As stated above, the bulk of this site is dedicated to providing safety pros with quality, free safety talks.

There are over 250 free talks on the site today!

Members get access to premium content including over 175+ additional talks, ad-free versions of all talks, 70 Spanish of talks, and more.

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There are also articles found on our blog that are specifically geared towards helping to develop safety pros.

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About Me

Jeremy Stiehl Safety Talk Ideas
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I believe entrepreneurship solves problems. And I know there are many problems to solve for safety pros and in the safety market. 

As you read above, I started this site from my own pain point of not being able to find safety talks to use in my safety meetings.

I do not want to only provide safety pros with safety talks. I also want to use this platform to empower safety pros with new ideas and provide different methods to approaching problems. 

I want to understand their pain points so I can continue to create solutions in this market well into the future.

- Jeremy Stiehl, CSP ARM

Never hesitate to reach out to me via email at !

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