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Welcome to what is hopefully different from any other safety resource you have used.

Before you continuing reading on about the site, check below about why you should sign up for the email list as well as how to get the most out of using this site!

At surface level, it may look like another website to get the normal safety do’s and don’ts. Or maybe you just are looking for some statistics on slips, trips, and falls. That is fine, you can find a lot ofSafety Talk Ideas Logo that information here.

That information is needed, which is why we have a lot of that content offered on the site. It helps to solve a common pain point safety pros have, BUT the larger goal is to be a resource to assist in empowering safety pros.

The site began in June 2016 after I saw a need for quality safety (toolbox) talks online. I struggled to find a reliable place to find free safety talks so that I could be better prepared in front of my work crew. I knew if I was having this issue, other safety pros were too. Because I was always interested in online business and entrepreneurship I decided to take action and build a resource that could potentially help many people.

I wrote content for many years with little traction, but now there are many safety pros from around the world who visit the site on a monthly basis. The majority of the site revolves around safety talks, hence the name, but it has grown into more than just safety talks.

Empowered Safety Pro Blog

We offer a blog with content geared towards helping safety pros become more effective in their role as well as content that helps these pros think bigger than maybe they are now. The blog is called the Empowered Safety Pro Blog. There is a variety of content found on the site, but I try to create content that safety pros will not find elsewhere. Some of my favorite articles posted on the blog include:

The content is meant to help you progress in your career, become more confident, and see the world a bit differently than the normal “safety guy or gal”.

I love learning about personal development, business, entrepreneurship, leadership, etc. and applying the principles to safety management. Thinking outside of the box and being creative is critical for anyone’s success in today’s world. I hope to share content on the blog and in my emails that helps to develop that in others.

Knowing injury stats and OSHA standards is important, but a quick Google search can tell anyone this information. Google and automation can never replace being creative or connecting with those you serve to really make a difference within an organization.

The Email List

Yes, I know, no one wants another email. BUT what if you actually got some useful information out of it? And some free downloads? And a special deal on becoming a member? Well, then you should sign up for ours by clicking here. I promise you will not be bombarded by emails. If you sign up for the email list, right off of the bat you get a free eBook that has 106 of our toolbox talks (180 pages long!) all in one place. It is completely free as a thank you for being a part of this site.

After the first welcome email, you will begin to get emails from what is called the Empowerment Series. These emails are specifically crafted for safety pros in how to approach certain issues or be more effective in their role at work. Many people really enjoy reading these emails to get a different perspective on how to look at things. After the initial few Empowerment Series emails, you will only get a monthly email that covers certain topics and discusses what new content was added to the site over the previous month.

I do not sell your information to anyone else and the only thing I have to sell is my membership so the email list is mainly geared in providing more useful content.

To recap on why you should sign up for the email list:

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The Members Area on Safety Talk Ideas

You’re thinking, “oh great first an email list and now a paid membership”. Yes, I mentioned both back to back. Most of the site is totally, 100% free. It was the start of this site and will continue to be the backbone of Safety Talk Ideas. A paid membership area was added to the site after more than two years with everything being 100% free. To reach the site’s potential I decided to create a paid membership to get the income to be able to do more with the site.

Members get access to a lot more content to help them save time and money on creating content themselves. The price is well worth what is included in the Members Area. Some of the benefits of signing up as a member to Safety Talk Ideas includes:

  • Over 105 more safety talks
  • Ad-free downloadable PDF versions of all of the 250+ free talks on the site
  • Done-for- you PowerPoint presentations
  • Courses on productivity tools, earning a BCSP certification, etc.
  • 70 safety talks translated into Spanish
  • More content added consistently for members

Check out the information page becoming a member of the site. I promise you will find the cost is well worth the price to help save you time and money in having to create the information yourself. Members really help support the site’s growth!

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To Summarize

This site is still young. It is constantly changing and growing. But it will only continue to do so if awesome people like you use the site and find value in it. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to me. My email is

Don’t have any questions, comments, or concerns? Cool, just say hi if you want.


                                                                              – Jeremy Stiehl