Why We All Should Care

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Why We All Should Care Safety Talk

Achieving a safe workplace takes effort from every single person who is employed there. Safety cannot be achieved through the effort of one or two people, even if it is the CEO who is putting forth the most effort in working towards having safe workplaces. Because of this fact, we all should care about the health and safety of everyone at work.

Three Reasons Why We All Should Care About Safety

  1. Health- No one wants to be hurt on the job and no one wants to see a coworker get hurt either. The main objective for safety in the workplace is to keep the people who work there healthy. When even just one person does not care about safety, it not only puts them at risk, but it also creates risk for injury for anyone working around that individual.
  2. Livelihoods- We all work to provide for ourselves and our families. Injuries, even just small ones, can impede our ability to earn an income. Everyone depends on the wages they make at work to ensure their families have the basic necessities of life. Taking shortcuts in safety or forgoing it completely can lead to injuries that put people out of work.
  3. Business Continuity- In this day in age the market is global, not just regional anymore. Over the last few decades, many workplaces have felt the tightening grip of international manufacturers and the growth of the internet, allowing for products to be made and shipped anywhere in the world. Because of these pressures, businesses have to limit unnecessary expenses to continue on. Businesses that promote safe workplaces and have employees who embrace working safely help limit costs associated with incidents and injuries. Also, many clients and consumers want to buy products from companies that have safe workplaces and are not injuring their employees. When each individual employee cares about safety, it helps to ensure that the company will face fewer of these unnecessary costs associated with injuries.

take safety homeSummary

There are many other reasons not mentioned why we all should care about safety at work. We all have personal reasons for why we should want to work safely, but there should also be a focus on the reasons outside of only what will affect ourselves. We depend on each other not only to remain healthy while at work but also to help the company we work for continue to stay in business and provide the jobs that allow us to have an income.

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