What is Your “Why”

What is Your “Why” for Working Safe? (Safety Talk)

There is a rhyme and reason for every single thing that we do- day in and day out. There can be multiple drivers behind the reasons why we take a certain action. Some examples include long-formed habits, avoidance of pain, seeking of pleasure, money, relationships, or even deep-seated biological factors.

The list of WHY we do what we do at any given moment of the day can be as long as a football field. It is necessary to be self-aware and understand what drives you to take certain actions or why you do not take certain actions. This is especially true for choosing to work safe on the job.

Finding Your “Why” for Working Safe

Working safely does not come naturally for many of us. It can even be argued that many aspects of working safely actually work against our own human nature. Because of this possibility, it is important to find your “why” for working safely on the job. Motivations for each individual will vary greatly, but below are a couple of reasons that could serve as your “why” for choosing to work safe.

  • Your health. Obviously, a big driving factor should be your own health and well-being. However, it can be argued that this fact alone is not enough for a person to want to work safe. Many individuals may be more willing to take risks if they believe the only person it will affect is themselves.
  • Your family. Earning an income and providing for a family is one of the biggest “whys” for many things we do in life, including working safely. Understanding how an injury will affect your family can be a strong “why”.
  • Your company. Love the company or not, the paycheck you earn from your work pays your bills. Not only does the company pay your bills in exchange for your work, but hundreds or thousands of other employees depend on the paycheck they get from the company. When individuals choose to take risks, there can be huge long-lasting effects for the company as a whole if injuries or fatalities occur. Understanding how injuries can negatively impact a business which in turn could lead to layoffs, reduction in benefits, lower raises, etc., can be your “why” to choose to follow safe work practices and procedures.

why work safe safety toolbox talkSummary

The mentioned drivers for possibilities for your “why” is just the tip of the iceberg in the list of reasons why you should want to work safe. While working safely or following all of the safety policies and procedures may not come naturally for many of us, finding your “why” can make a huge difference in taking steps toward becoming a safer worker.

Remember- you should always want to work safely for your own sake, but there are also huge consequences for those around you if you choose to take risks on the job.

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