Three Self-Centered Reasons to Work Safe

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Three Self-centered Reasons to Work Safe (Safety Talk)

Everyone has their reasons for why they do certain things or why they may choose not to do something. Safety on the job or even just at home is no different. There are many different reasons as to why you should want to work safely. While working safe benefits everyone on the job, some people may need to approach safety from a self-centered perspective to reinforce making the right choices on the job.

Three Self-centered Reasons to Work Safe

  1. Your health. Obviously your health and well-being should be the biggest motivator as to why you should choose to work safe. Once we lose our health or impact it severely, it may never be the same. It is important to really think about how a severe injury would change the rest of your life.
  2. Providing for your family. Your family depends on your ability to earn an income. When you are injured or ill you can lose that ability very quickly. Even if it is only for a short time the financial and emotional effects on your family can be drastic.
  3. Your reputation. While productive employees are still very much rewarded at many companies, working safely is often recognized right along with production. Your reputation at work not only affects you in your current position, but it also can affect getting a future promotion at your company or opportunities at other companies. No one wants to reward a risk taker or put them in a position of power. If it is known that you are a worker that cuts take safety homecorners or does not work safely it could make all the difference in whether or not you get the chance at a better opportunity.


You should want to work safe not only for yourself but your coworkers and the company you work for as well. Working unsafe affects you and your family the most, but it also can have serious negative effects for everyone else around you. The next time you are considering taking a shortcut while on the job think about what you have to lose personally as well as the negative effects for everyone else around you.

Discussion point:

-What are some other reasons why we should want to work safely?

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