Securing a Construction Site

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Securing a Construction Site Safety Talk

There are many instances where people will make their way into a work site to run equipment for the thrill of it. Some other reasons, such as theft, vandalism, curiosity, or even accidental entry, are causes for people to enter a work site after hours. No matter what the intention of the people entering, it is important to have a secure workplace, especially after hours.

Securing the workplace means taking steps such as locking up areas, securing equipment, placing barricades, posting signage, and protecting property.

Secure a Construction siteSafeguards to a More Secure Workplace

General Work Area– Ensure adequate fencing is up around the entire work site. Depending on the area, crime rate, and potential property loss, evaluate the possibility of investing in a site-wide security system or outside agency to provide site security. Keep valuable items out of plain sight from the viewpoint of the public. Pay attention to where scrap metal piles may be onsite. Scrap metal often brings thieves into a work site.

Buildings– Always lock buildings. Keep valuables out of sight within the buildings. If someone looks through a window and does not see anything worth taking it may deter them from entering. Use alarms, floodlights, and cameras when possible. While the upfront cost can be expensive, a good security system can prevent expensive break-ins.

Heavy Equipment– There have been many instances where people break into a construction site and run equipment for the thrill of it or to cause problems for the company. This can do a lot of damage to the site as well as be a dangerous situation for the people who broke in. It is important to take steps to protect against situations where heavy equipment is stolen.

Some steps to take:

  • Do not leave equipment out in the open when possible. Lock equipment in a shop or at least in a fenced-in area.
  • Remove the key from the equipment and lock the doors. Do not rely on the fence around the site to keep people out.
  • Most pieces of equipment have a master switch. At the end of your shift, shut the master switch off. If someone is not familiar with that piece of equipment, they will not be able to get it to turn on.

ExcavationsAll excavations should be 100% barricaded or fenced in at the end of the day. This protects the public or any employees who enter the area from driving or falling into the excavation. Do not rely on a perimeter fence to protect individuals from harm due to an exposed hole within the site’s boundaries.

Discussion point:

-The points made in this talk did not cover every aspect of securing a work site. How else can we more effectively secure our worksite?

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