Pressure to Get Work Done

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External and Internal Pressures to Complete Work Safety Talk

As employees, we all have tasks that need to be completed each day in order to contribute to continuing business operations. With the necessity of having to complete tasks, there can be pressure put on workers from different sources. These sources are usually external sources of pressure to get a job done, but there is also an internal, or self-imposed, pressure to get work tasks done quicker.

External Pressures to Get Work Completed

The external pressures to get work done are the ones we are more familiar with. External pressures can include:

  • Bosses or supervisors pushing employees to get something done quicker.
  • Clients wanting faster progress.
  • Other coworkers rushing those around them.
  • Time pressures such as deadlines.
  • Weather (construction)

pressures to work safeExternal pressures are created by a source outside of our full control. While these mentioned pressures may be out of our control, oftentimes, the self-imposed or internal pressure we put on ourselves can be greater than the external sources we face.

Internal Pressure to Perform

Unlike external pressure, internal pressure is created and put on yourself by you. It is a need or a want to work faster without any direct pressure from an outside source dictating that it needs to be done. While efficiency and production are necessary at work, it is only necessary to the point where safety starts to become compromised.

We often feel that we need to perform or work faster in order to reach some kind of beneficial end when in all reality, this is not the case.

Best Practices to Avoid External and Internal Pressure to Work Faster

There are many different things we can all do on the job in order to avoid unnecessary risk of injury due to rushing around. Some quick best practices:

  • Proper planning of work activities. Plan out your work prior to starting it. Do you have all the tools, equipment, training, personnel, knowledge, time, etc., to get the task done safely?
  • Proper communication and respect between employees. Yelling, belittling, or being disrespectful is not an efficient way to get things done. This often results in unnecessary stress, as well as individuals feeling like they need to rush around.
  • Take time to evaluate what you are doing. Take time to realize when you are rushing yourself. The pressure we feel to get a job done faster may just be created internally for no real benefit.


There are many reasons why an individual may feel like they need to perform work faster. It may come from an external source, such as a screaming boss, or it may be created internally by the individual. No matter the source, too much pressure to get a job done faster will result in more exposure to hazards. Eventually, the push to get work done faster will result in someone being injured.

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