Lawn Mower Safety

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Lawn Mower Safety Talk

Using a lawn mower is an activity most of us do at home or on the job quite often. Lawn mowers and other landscaping equipment, such as weed wackers are responsible for many injuries every year. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 60,000 injuries are treated by hospital emergency rooms each year because of the unsafe operation of power lawn mowers.

Many of these injuries occur at home, where improper use often occurs and personal protective equipment is not worn. Using a lawnmower is not often looked at as a hazardous task, but with the number of injuries each year, safe practices need to be followed.

Safety Tips When Using a Lawn Mower

  • Read and understand the operation manual before using a lawnmower. While many lawnmowers are similar, know where the emergency stop is located and be familiar with any other safety features on it.lawnmower safety
  • Survey your yard or work area for obstructions and small objects you may run over. Small rocks, toys, branches, etc., may become projectiles causing injury or property damage when they are run over with a lawn mower.
  • Watch out for steep drop-offs or tight corners. Pay attention to where you are stepping to help avoid slips, trips, and falls that can cause injuries.
  • Clear people and objects, such as vehicles, out of the work area or the line of fire from debris. Removing people and objects from where you will be using a lawnmower will eliminate the chance of debris striking them, causing injury or damage.
  • Regularly maintain your lawnmower according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Proper maintenance can help avoid situations such as fires and other mechanic issues that can lead to an incident.
  • Always wear proper PPE. Safety glasses with side shields, long pants, and steel-toe boots are some essential PPE to wear when operating a lawnmower.


It is easy to become complacent when completing tasks such as operating a lawn mower. It is vital to follow safety best practices every time you cut the grass, whether that is at work or at home. Following the basic safety measures mentioned above can make all the difference in whether you sustain a serious injury or not.

Discussion points:

-Does anyone have an experience where a lawnmower caused an injury?

-What are some other safe practices we can utilize to avoid lawnmower injury or property damage incidents?

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