Lack of Time

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Lack of Time Safety Talk

There are many different sources of pressure individuals face at work for getting the job done. Time, or the lack of it, is a major driver in whether or not workers feel that they need to rush to get a job complete. It is important to plan work accordingly to avoid having to rush work tasks.

Sources of Time Pressures on the Job

There are many reasons why there is not enough time to get work done or at least the perception that there is a lack of time. Some reasons to consider:

  • Poor preplanning- A lack of planning is a major factor in whether or not employees have to rush to get work done. Poor preplanning leads to a huge number of issues on the job and often results in safety-related shortcuts.
  • Unrealistic deadlines- Related to poor preplanning, unrealistic deadlines put unnecessary pressure on workers to perform. When deadlines force workers to rush, incidents and injuries are bound to occur overtime.
  • Weather- Weather can throw a huge curve ball at production schedules in the construction industry. When weather is not planned for both in the short and long-term major issues and setbacks can arise for everyone involved.

downsides of quick reaction times toolbox talkBest Practices to Avoid Time-related Issues

Proper preplanning is critical to all work. New work tasks especially should be evaluated well ahead of the actual work needing to be completed. Tasks need to be evaluated for both safety issues and production issues. The hazards of the work need to be reviewed as well as what the mitigation actions would be for those hazards. Any extra safety equipment or training would need to be provided prior to the work beginning.

From a production standpoint, proper preplanning looks at what tools, material, equipment, personnel, time, etc. are needed to complete the project. Having all of these items in line prior to work beginning allows for a much smoother work process.

After preplanning is completed everyone should be on the same page of what time is required to complete the project. Realistic goals should be set by management and understood by everyone involved in the work. Plans for setbacks, weather conditions, or other issues should be considered when planning for time needed.


All too often time pressures are created unnecessarily. Lack of time to get a job complete can lead to workers taking shortcuts which leads to additional exposure to risk. Proper time allotted for tasks allows for workers to ensure the proper safeguards are in place before a work task begins. When individuals work together to properly preplan and carry out tasks the job goes a lot smoother. Avoid time pressures through proper preplanning and setting realistic expectations for getting work tasks completed.

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