Involve the Right Person

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Involve the Right Person Safety Talk

There are times when you will not have what you need to complete a task safely and correctly. Whether it is the proper training, tools, knowledge, time, materials, support, equipment, etc., there is a lot you need in place to do any one work task correctly. It is important to take the time to get the right people involved depending on what you need to get your work done.

Scenarios When to Involve Another Person

  1. You realize you were provided the wrong materials for a work task. It is necessary to stop and talk with a supervisor to get the correct materials to avoid any issues later on.
  2. You are alone but you need to lift a heavy, awkward object. Stop work and seek out an operator who can use a piece of equipment to lift it for you to eliminate the risk of a sprain injury entirely. If it is light enough, get another worker to help you lift it.
  3. Your company is working near another contractor, and their work affects you and the work you are completing. Stop work and make sure there is clear and constant communication with the other contractor to ensure neither company’s work is negatively affected nor someone is put at risk of injury.

Supervisor helping with safetyOther Considerations

Many employees do not want to slow down production or progress to ask a question to get the things they need to complete a job safely. Whether it is fear of negative judgment from others or having too much pride, it is important to get past that to be able to feel comfortable asking for help.

It may take an extra few minutes to get someone else involved, but it could save hours of lost production or an injury. Be an approachable person at work, so others feel comfortable coming to you for help. When someone else is injured, or production is lost due to a mistake, everyone loses. Work as a team to ensure everyone has what they need to complete their assigned work tasks successfully.


No one has all the answers. If you do, you are underpaid and underutilized. The bottom line is we all need help from time to time. Take the time to do your work efficiently and safely. If that means stopping to involve the right person, then do so.

Discussion point:

  1. Provide some examples of when you had to stop work to involve another person to get a job done.

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