Continually Learning

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Continually Learning Safety Talk

Continual learning is critical for success in any area of our lives, whether that is as a parent, spouse, employee, leader, community member, etc. Having a growth mindset when it comes to work separates those who stay stagnant in their position at work and those who eventually land better opportunities for themselves. Continually learning and expanding your knowledge in regard to what you do at work will allow you to be a safer and more efficient worker.

On the other hand, having a fixed mindset when it comes to work will not only hold an individual back from better opportunities, but it can also lead to injuries on the job.

Having a Fixed Mindset at Work

Change is inevitable. Many workers have been in the same field for over 20, 30, or even 40 years, but think how different the same workplace was even just a decade ago. Workers who want to hold on to the old days and fight change at every single turn will eventually get left behind. Not only will your career suffer from not embracing change, but you can also be more at risk for injury.

With more emphasis on workplace safety, most companies have transitioned into using safer equipment and implementing safer work practices. When individuals do not embrace these changes, they are not only putting themselves at risk for injury but also everyone around them.

continually learning toolbox talkContinually Learning and Workplace Safety

Our workplaces are always evolving. With ever-improving technologies and new ways to complete work tasks, we are arguably progressing faster than ever. It is critical for workers to be able to receive and adjust to this new information and use it to be successful in their position. With any changes, even if it is something that makes a work task safer, it is necessary to understand what impact that it has on your job.

When processes, equipment, tools, etc., change for a work task, it is necessary to be able to identify what new hazards may be created and what needs to be done to mitigate them. Being a worker who is able to foresee the issues that new changes bring and have solutions for those issues is critical to be successful as well as remaining safe on the job.


Embrace change as it comes into the workplace. Most change is made for the greater good of everyone involved. There are times when new changes can lead to unnecessary risk, but the majority of change does not unless workers do not take the proper actions to embrace it. Be a worker who is open to continually learning and avoid having a fixed mindset. Not only will this approach allow you to reach new opportunities, but it can also make the difference in avoiding an injury on the job.

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