Being Client-focused (Construction Industry)

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Being Client-focused in the Construction Industry Safety Talk

Have you ever heard the term client-focused? Employees who are not in a management role they may not give much attention to the term “client-focused,” but in the construction industry, every employee should consider the importance of being client-focused.

What Does Being Client-focused Mean?

Being client-focused means keeping the client’s (or project owner’s) best interests in mind when completing your work. In the construction industry, the general contractor or project owner almost always has high regard for the safety of all subcontracted employees on their worksite, followed by productivity. If a worker is client-focused, then keeping the client’s best interests in mind would mean they are approaching their work both safely and efficiently as best as they possibly can.

Examples of Being Client-focused

  • Following all safe work practices and company-specific safety procedures when completing work.
  • Approaching work with forethought and keeping in mind any possible negative impacts that could result from poorly executed work.
  • Ultimately treating how you approach your work as if you were the one who owned the end outcomes – good AND bad outcomes.

Being Client Focused Construction IndustryBeing Client-focused is Important for All Employees

By completing work from a client-focused standpoint, you ensure you are representing your company well, which often leads to additional work from the same client. It also leads to earning work with other companies who are involved in the project. Earning more work ensures all employees will continue to have jobs even after that specific project ends.

Approaching work in this manner not only means that there are fewer injuries and property damage incidents on the job as a whole, but each individual worker also can reap the benefits of additional work.


Approach your work in a manner that maintains the best interests of your company as well as the client. Being client-focused goes a long way in creating a safe and productive workplace which can lead to the company you work for landing more projects that will keep you working. Thinking of how your actions impact others is often a great path to producing work that benefits yourself as well in the long run.

Discussion point:

1.       What are some specific actions we can take that maintain the client’s best interests here?

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