* Advice for Using These Toolbox Talks *

Advice for Using The Safety Toolbox Talks on Safety Talk Ideas

Many of the other sites that offer safety talks, toolbox talks, and tailgate talks I found to be lacking in quality and consistent content. I am striving to provide toolbox talks that are relatively uniform in look and length. Most of these talks are between 350 and 500 words. According to speechinminutes.com, these talks should take between 2.5 and 4 minutes to read over.

Discussions and questions will obviously extend the time of the talk. Depending on time constraints or expectations you can add or leave out some information to better suit your needs.

Fitting Your Company’s Needs

Depending on the expectations or needs of your company, these talks may or may not suffice for what you need. I do not expect most people to just read straight off of the page when presentingSafety Talk Ideas Logo these talks. Some of them are formatted in a way this would be completely fine, but others are not. I would print the talk out that you want to use then decide if the entire talk adds value to your audience. If not, then highlight the sections you want to cover then dive into site-specific information.

Oftentimes, I will only use the background info or injury statistics provided then cover company-specific policies or safeguards. Other times, I will discuss an injury that happened on site in the past and then use the best practices or safeguards provided in the talk to add value to the discussion.

Some of the talks on safetytalkideas.com are not relevant to the work you do on your site. That being said, I still feel that you can get value from taking the time to read over them. Not only will you gain some knowledge on a specific topic, but you may also be able to connect an idea in that talk to one that is relevant to what you want to speak about. Visit this article I wrote to get insight on how to deliver a better safety talk in general.

Contact Me

Please reach out to me using the jeremy@safetytalkideas.com email address if you have any questions or comments about the content on the site. If you have any ideas for topics I have not covered yet, send them my way. While I know there are hundreds of topics I can still cover, some of them I have difficulty writing them in a way that matches the existing length and format I have established thus far.

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I look forward to providing you value for years to come.

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