Line of Fire Safety Infographic

This line of fire infographic is a great way to show employees some examples of line of fire injuries. The infographic provides the definition of line of fire as being in harm’s way. It also states that line of fire injuries occur when the path of a moving object and an individual’s body intersect.

The five types of line of fire injuries shown in this infographic are being in the path of moving equipment, being underneath a static load, working next to unstable materials, working next to objects under tension, and placing hands or body parts in moving equipment.

We also have a free 18in x 24in Line of Fire Construction Safety poster you can print out and post in your workplace. Click here to view it!

Visit our safety talk on the line of fire by clicking here. Check back often for two free safety posters relating to the line of fire. One will focus on general industry and the other will focus on the construction industry. Click the thumbnail of the infographic below to pull up a full-size higher resolution copy.

Line of Fire Safety Infographic


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