101 Important Safety Rules in the Workplace

There is no end to the possible safety rules for the workplace. This post provides top safety rules that employees should be aware of and follow every day. This post discusses the importance of these rules and provides a list of over 100 vital rules.

101 safety rules for the workplace

The Importance of Safety Rules

Safety rules are in place for a reason. These rules often result from negative events, such as injuries and property loss incidents, occurring in the past. Many people have paid a price for not being aware of the rules or making the choice to break safety rules. It is essential that employees understand the rules through proper safety training efforts and that they continue to follow them.

Below is a list of rules broken down into general rules, decision-making/ behavioral rules, construction rules, driving rules, and chemical safety rules.

Top General Safety Rules

  1. Always wear the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) for the job.
  2. Never take part in a work task that you were not trained to do.
  3. Always pre-plan work tasks.
  4. Always follow what you have been taught in your safety training.
  5. Always follow applicable safety regulations.
  6. Always complete required safety paperwork prior to beginning work.
  7. Never take safety shortcuts.
  8. Never put yourself or others at risk.
  9. Never remove or alter safety guards.
  10. Never work on live equipment.
  11. Always keep work areas clean and organized.
  12. Never block emergency exits.
  13. Never put yourself in the line of fire.
  14. Always report accidents and near-miss events.
  15. Never use defective or unsafe tools and equipment.
  16. Always seek the safest way to complete work tasks.
  17. Always look out for your coworkers’ safety and the general public’s safety.
  18. Always know where emergency exits are and where the mustering point is located.
  19. Never smoke in flammable environments or near flammable chemicals.
  20. Always practice good personal hygiene.
  21. Always come to work fit-for-duty.
  22. Never enter a work area you are not familiar with.
  23. Never come to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  24. Never stick your hands where you cannot see them.

general safety rules

Top Decision-Making and Behavioral Rules

  1. Always follow safe work practices.
  2. Always eliminate hazards whenever possible.
  3. Never rationalize taking safety shortcuts.
  4. Always have a proactive approach to safety.
  5. Never only rely on personal protective equipment to keep you safe.
  6. Always verify that safeguards are in place and are functioning.
  7. Always stay alert to what is occurring around you.
  8. Stop work when you are unsure, unplanned hazards arise, or conditions change.
  9. Speak up when you see a coworker working in an unsafe manner.
  10. Always report hazards.
  11. Never play practical jokes or horseplay in the workplace.
  12. Involve the right personnel when completing work tasks.
  13. Always set a good example for safety excellence.
  14. Always be a mentor to less experienced coworkers.
  15. Never yell, belittle, or harass coworkers.
  16. Always be patient with others.
  17. Always take the time to complete work in a safe manner.
  18. Never become complacent.

behavioral safety rules

Top Safety Rules for Construction

  1. Always wear fall protection equipment when working above six feet when fall prevention safeguards are not in place.
  2. Never walk under a lifted load.
  3. Never complete lifting activities in windy conditions.
  4. Always use taglines when maneuvering a lifted load.
  5. Never walk in areas where equipment is operating.
  6. Do not enter a confined space unless trained and permitted to do so.
  7. Never enter a trench or excavation without the proper safeguards in place.
  8. Never work on live electrical systems.
  9. Always inspect scaffolding systems prior to the start of each shift.
  10. Never work near live electrical lines.
  11. Always inspect your work area, tools, and equipment prior to starting work.
  12. Prevent unauthorized access into hazardous work areas.
  13. Never stand on the top step of a ladder.
  14. Eliminate manual handling whenever possible.
  15. Never lift a heavy or awkward object alone.
  16. Always stay hydrated and take breaks when working in hot weather.
  17. Always use three points of contact when climbing.
  18. Always use best practices to control dust.
  19. Always follow applicable OSHA regulations.
  20. Always secure the worksite.
  21. Always secure equipment and valuables on a work site.
  22. Avoid distraction while on the worksite.
  23. Practice good communication with coworkers during complex work tasks.
  24. Never do hot work activities without a hot work permit.
  25. Never enter another company’s work area without prior approval.
  26. Always seek shelter when adverse weather conditions are present.

construction safety rules

Top Safety Rules When Driving

  1. Always wear your seatbelt.
  2. Check your mirrors often.
  3. Always check your vehicle’s condition prior to starting your trip.
  4. Never operate a vehicle that is in an unsafe condition.
  5. Always plan your route prior to beginning your trip.
  6. Always check weather and traffic conditions prior to beginning your trip.
  7. Never drive while fatigued.
  8. Never drive while drunk.
  9. Do not take part in activities while driving that are a distraction, such as eating or using a cell phone.
  10. Never take part in road rage.
  11. Always leave yourself an out in the event of danger.
  12. Always be a defensive driver.
  13. Always be aware of your surroundings.
  14. Never speed.
  15. Never take turns or corners at high speeds.
  16. Always give space between you and the vehicle in front of you.
  17. Always secure cargo in the vehicle and vehicle’s bed.
  18. Always adjust your driving behaviors to the weather conditions.
  19. Always use your turn signals.
  20. Give room to emergency vehicles or stopped vehicles on the shoulder of the road.

driving safety rules

Top Safety Rules When Working with Chemicals

  1. Always label portable containers.
  2. Never remove labels from chemical containers.
  3. Never put a chemical into the bottle of another.
  4. Always clean up chemical spills in a timely manner.
  5. Always read the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) prior to using a new chemical.
  6. Never mix chemicals unless they are meant to be mixed.
  7. Do not use chemicals past their expiration date.
  8. Use safer alternatives instead of using hazardous chemicals whenever possible.
  9. Wear the proper personal protective equipment when handling chemicals.
  10. Ensure you know where emergency showers and eyewash stations are located in the event of exposure.
  11. Always properly store chemicals according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  12. Always keep chemical containers closed.
  13. Never use a chemical for a task it was not designed for.

chemical safety rules


There are a lot of safety rules to follow on a daily basis to ensure everyone’s safety and to protect property. These rules are in place for a reason. Serious consequences have resulted for employees who have not followed these rules in the past. Some of the rules provided in this list are obvious ones and others may not be so obvious. Do not become complacent on the job!

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