Wellness Safety Topics

Scroll down to view the complete list of free printable wellness topics to use at your next safety meeting. These talks are a great way to remind employees of the importance of various health and wellness-related issues. These talks are just a few of the over 250 completely free workplace safety talks that are available on this site.

Why You Should Cover Health and Wellness Topics

Focusing on educating employees on physical hazards and best practices to mitigate these hazards is vital, but it is also essential to take time to remind your workforce about the importance of their health and wellness. It is easy to take our health for granted when we are not sick or injured. When we are sick or injured, it is difficult to give thought or energy to anything else. This includes thinking about safety.

Employees’ health and wellness significantly depend on what actions they take and the behaviors they engage in. Unfortunately, many of these decisions related to a person’s health are made outside the workplace, where an employer has little to no control. Educating employees on topics such as illness prevention, drug/alcohol abuse, healthy diets, etc., can make a significant positive impact on the quality of their lives over time. When employees are in good health, there are less likely to be safety or efficiency issues in the workplace.

The List of Free Wellness Safety Topics

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Additional Wellness Topics Available for Members

  • Causes of Fatigue
  • Dealing with Injury
  • Dermal Exposure
  • E. Coli
  • Eight Tips to Prevent Spreading Illness
  • Ergonomics
  • Five Healthy Actions
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Importance of Staying Active
  • Managing Fatigue at Work
  • Medications
  • And many more!

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