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Why Should Companies Have Safety Meetings for Office Workers?

Working in an office may be relatively safe compared to many other industries, but it is still vital to share safety messages with these employees as well. There are many injuries that occur in offices every single day. These injuries can be extremely costly.

Below are some common office injuries:

  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Ergonomic injuries
  • Eye strain

office worker slipping on floorOffice workers should be aware of the hazards that can lead to these injuries. They should also be educated on topics such as illness prevention, indoor air quality, and fire safety, just to name a few. Safety meetings are a great way to take the time to educate office employees.

Sharing safety messages with these employees is even more vital if there are office workers that travel to client locations, other company locations, or construction sites as part of their job responsibilities.

Also, if a company has a variety of different types of employees, employees in the “field” or in a manufacturing setting should not be the only employees who are required to take part in ongoing safety efforts. Everyone in the company is responsible for safety. Educating all employees can result in a stronger, more aligned company culture.

What Safety Topics Should be Shared with Office Workers?

The possible list of topics that are covered with office employees can vary greatly. The topics should be relevant to the hazards that the employees encounter, industry trends, company losses, etc. The messages can also be behavioral in nature.

The behavioral safety topics on this website share messages that reinforce the WHY behind the WHAT when it comes to workplace safety. Do not be afraid to stray away from the typical safety topics during safety meetings or in other forms of communication that are shared with employees.

It is likely that employees know what they should be doing when it comes to safety. Getting the buy-in from everyone within an organization to work safely is the difficult part. Being consistent in your messaging and thinking outside of the box can assist with ensuring employees are taking safety seriously.

Our Free Office Safety Meeting Topic List

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