At Home Safety Talks

Working safely at home is just as important as working safely on the job. If employees are injured off of the job, it is just as bad (or worse) for them as being injured on the job. Injuries that occur off the job also impact business operations. Everyone plays an important part at work and when someone is missing everyone in the workplace can be negatively impacted. Employees should not allow themselves to become an injury statistic by putting themselves at risk while at home or taking part in hobbies.

Injuries at Home Statistics

Unfortunately, injuries and fatalities occur all too often in the home environment. The National Safety Council Injury Facts reports that 131,400 preventable injury-related deaths occurred in homes and communities. An additional 39.4 million people suffered non-fatal injuries that required medical attention.  Factor in the injuries that were not treated in the hospital and thetake safety home number is even more staggering.

Take Safety Home

Complacency is often a contributing factor in these tragedies in the home. Working at home is probably much less dangerous than most jobs in construction and manufacturing, but that does not mean that some steps to keep safe and healthy should not be taken. Dedicate time in some of the safety meetings to address how the topics covered could apply to working at home.

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