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While many general industry operations do not change drastically day-to-day, there are still a significant amount of hazards present that could injure workers. Every year the Bureau of  Labor Statistics releases injury statistics that reach into the hundreds of thousands when it comes to workers injured on the job.

While the construction industry experiences the majority of workplace fatalities, they all too often occur in general industry work settings as well. Oftentimes, it is the same type of hazards that cause these fatalities over and over again. Safety education and remaining vigilant in mitigating hazards through following safe work practices are critical in preventing injuries in all industries.

General Industry Safety Toolbox TalksSafety Talks for Manufacturing, Industrial Plants, and More

Holding useful safety meetings prior to work beginning is an effective way to help prevent injuries on the job in a manufacturing setting. Even spending just five minutes per day before work starts to discuss safety equates to over 1,250 minutes of safety education in a year’s time for each employee! That is over 20 hours!

Make the most of this time by choosing topics that apply to the work going on and the issues your employees may be encountering. Do not be afraid to stray away from the routine topics to provide a fresh take on safety for those general industry workers who have been around a long time and have “heard it all.

Dealing with Complacency Towards Safety? Change Up Your Message.

If you have covered many of the more basic types of safety talks, consider covering a behavioral-related talk. These talks provide more of the “WHY” behind safety, instead of only focusing on the physical hazards that your employees may have heard over and over again.

Complacency will creep in if you do not find a unique way to spin safety or provide a new perspective on a tired discussion point. Those workers who have been completing the same work tasks over and over are bound to zone out during another slip, trip, and fall toolbox talk if you do not change it up from time to time.

Use the safety talks listed below for your next safety meeting or safety moment. For additional safety talks, browse the list of all the free safety talks posted on the site! We recently added an office safety topics page as well.

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Free General Industry Toolbox Talks List

Free General Industry Safety Talks

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