Free Spanish Safety Toolbox Talks

Are you looking for free high-quality Spanish toolbox talks? Below you will find 10 PDF versions of Spanish safety talks available for download now. These topics are tailored toward the construction industry, but many of the topics can be used in a variety of industries.

If you find that these talks fit your needs, consider becoming a member of the site. We have 80 of our safety talks professionally translated into Spanish in our Members Area. Every single month, Members get access to more safety resources. For one low fee, you can save time and energy in finding resources for your next safety meeting. Additional details are provided at the bottom of this page.

Free Spanish Safety Talks to Download

Browse 10 of Our Spanish Safety Talks for Free

Browse the 10 Spanish toolbox talks below. Click the title of the talk to view it. You can easily print them out and share them with your crew. Each talk also has an English version found on the site, so that the same topics can be shared with the entire work crew if both languages are spoken. Members get PDF versions of all talks!

  1. Back Protection Spanish Safety Talk
  2. Clean as You Go Spanish Safety Talk
  3. Dealing with Hazards Spanish Safety Talk
  4. Dropped Objects Spanish Safety Talk
  5. Extension Cord Spanish Safety Talk
  6. Hard Hats Spanish Safety Talk
  7. Heat Stress Spanish Safety Talk
  8. PPE is the Last Resort Spanish Safety Talk
  9. Pressure Washing Spanish Safety Talk
  10. Report All Injuries Spanish Safety Talk

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The Importance of Training Spanish-Speaking Employees

It is no secret that Spanish-speaking employees are a growing population in the workforce in the United States today. These workers are often highly-skilled, but there are also many individuals who are just starting out their careers in the respective field in which they are employed. If these workers are not provided safety messages and training in their first language, they may not fully understand the hazards and safety best practices related to the work that they complete.

When employees are not properly trained, the risk of injury is increased significantly. In fact, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported that while people of Hispanic or Latino ethnicity made up 18% of the labor force in 2020, they accounted for 22.5% of workers who died on the job during that same year.

While this site does not offer a full product offering of safety materials translated into Spanish, we do have many safety meeting topics translated to ensure that companies with diverse workforces have access to toolbox talk materials that they need.

Construction Safety Talks in Spanish 

The majority of the topics below are construction industry safety talks. There are also many topics that apply to not only the construction field but many other industries. Some topics that can cover a wide range of industries include Aerial Lifts, Bees and Wasps, Bloodborne Pathogens, Confined Spaces, Laceration Hazards, Machine Guarding, and more! These broad topics ensure that you have more titles that apply to your operation.

Behavioral Safety Talks in Spanish

Along with the talks focused on construction, we also translated over 15 of our behavioral safety talks into Spanish. It is vital to get employees to buy into safety efforts. Covering the same safety topics during pre-job meetings can cause employees to become complacent when it comes to workplace safety. Incorporating the WHY behind the WHAT of safety can go a long way in ensuring that your message is getting through.

There are a few talks in the list above that are behavioral-based, but some examples of other talks include Common Unsafe Behaviors in the Workplace, Dealing with Hazards, Hierarchy of Controls, Leave Yourself an Out, Rationalizing Unsafe Choices, and more!

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