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Why Safety Talks are Important for the ConstructionConstruction Safety Toolbox Talks PDFs Industry

Unlike some general industry operations, the construction industry is often ever-changing, and with that change brings new and unique hazards to address. Using the talks below can give your work crew guidance on many different hazards they could encounter. Spending time on holding useful safety meetings in the morning before work begins can be an effective way to the reduce risk of employees being injured on the job.

Getting the Most Out of Safety Meetings

Choose relevant topics to the work that is being completed and relate it back to specific examples of what is taking place on your particular job site. Involve the workers in a discussion by asking questions and asking for experiences relating to the topic of the day. Involve front line supervisors or higher-level management in the talks to ensure the field workers understand that operations fully supports the safety efforts.

Spending just five minutes a day, five days a week talking about safety equates to over 21 hours of safety education for each employee over one year! Making the most of this time can have a significant positive impact on safety at a worksite.

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