Behavioral Safety Talks

Scroll down to see the list of free behavioral toolbox talks below. Choose a topic to print out and use at your next safety meeting.  These behavior-related safety talks are a great way to change up your messaging with work crews!

These talks are also useful to incorporate as part of a longer safety training session or safety presentation. Many companies use behavior-based safety in some capacity, and these talks can pass along a message that incorporates some of the principles relating to behavior-based safety.

behavioral safety toolbox talksUsing Behavior-Based Safety Toolbox Talks

Whether you refer to these talks as behavioral safety talks or behavior-based safety (BBS) talks, the goal is to encourage positive change in employees’ behaviors and attitudes when it comes to working safely. The employees out in the field are experts in what they do. Many employees have decades of work experience, and when it comes to safety, they probably have heard it all.

They also want to be treated as an adult when being taught. The same old slip, trip, and fall safety talk may go in one ear and right out of the other for these workers. By sharing safety messages as to WHY they should work safe, you may be able to get buy-in that you otherwise may not have been able to in the past.

Get Creative with Safety Meetings

When completing safety or toolbox talks, think outside of the box instead of just doing another run-of-the-mill talk or any topic that has been heard over and over by employees. Do not be afraid to explore new avenues to freshen up your company’s safety meetings. Seek information that will help you think outside of the box.

These behavioral talks can give employees a new perspective on how they should approach their work. Browsing the talks below can also provide you with new ideas on how to approach the employees that you serve.

The Top Behavioral Safety Talks from the List Below

There are a few talks below that I think all visitors to this site should consider using as part of one of their safety messages. In no particular order:

All of the talks listed present a “bigger” idea or perspective and relate it back to safety. All of these topics can be shared with every level of an organization to spur new ways of thinking regarding safety in the workplace. See this post for how to make these talks into a longer safety presentation.

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The List of Free Behavioral Safety Topics

Free Behavioral Safety Talks


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