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  560+ Total Safety Talks  

There are over 560+ total talks available for Members in downloadable PDF format. This includes the 250 free safety talks on the site as well as 310+  additional talks that are not found on the free site. Oh, and there are no ads!

  25+ Done-for-You Presentations  

There are complete safety meetings for Members if you prefer to use PowerPoints for safety training. These meeting bundles come with editable 10-15 slide presentations, a quiz, an answer sheet, and more!

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  80 Spanish Safety Talks  

There are 80 safety talks that have been professionally translated into Spanish for Members who have a bilingual workforce. More talks will be translated in the coming months!

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  Weekly Talk Picks  

Members get access to three hand-picked safety talk meeting ideas each week! This tool allows Members to save time due to not having to browse for a timely topic.

A few additional details to know....

  • New resources such as talks and presentations are added every single month
  • There are additional resources such as printable safety signs and Culture Bits
  • The price you sign up at is the price you keep forever, no matter how much prices increase as more content is added
  • Your support as a Member helps the site to continue to grow
  • If the free talks have helped you, becoming a Member is a great way to support the site

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