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Enjoying the free content provided here on Help the site grow faster by purchasing our first e-book- “106 Toolbox Talks”! 96 of our toolbox talks published here on site as well as 10 bonus talks that are not published on the site or anywhere else! Click this link to see the full table of contents of the e-book! Also included in the purchase is an article for tips for using the talks included in the e-book, a sign-in sheet you can put to use, and 10 tips for a giving a better toolbox talk! Please note once you buy the e-book please put in a valid email to receive a link to download the e-book! Two emails will arrive in your inbox after you purchase the e-book. One is a receipt for your purchase and the other will contain a link to download the e-book!

toolbox talk bookThe Format of the e-Book

The e-book is 181 pages long (over 50,000 words!), however there is some white space in the book. The actual length of the book would be more around 120 pages if there was not white space. Each talk is at least 350 words but the average word count for each talk is more around 450. The book is not created to be fancy nor are there any pictures included in the book. It has been designed to take up less space so it is easier to print out and use. Each talk takes up a full page, but many go onto two pages. The reason there is white space after certain articles is so that if you print one talk off at a time, you can print on the front and back to get a single talk on one page. There are hyperlinks in the document so that you are able to find more information on a topic and see the source of some information is from in the talk. You can find an example of two of the talks in the book by clicking this link.

The e-book is in a simple PDF format. Once you enter your email and click purchase a copy of the e-book will be emailed to you. It is convenient to have in this electronic format to either print in full or print a single topic at a time. Another option is to have it printed and bound by a Staples store or similar store for a low cost and put in a common area for use. I will be posting a picture of a physical copy of the e-book as well as the cost to do so soon.

The Reason Behind the Site and e-Book

Giving safety talks / toolbox talks use to be a major pain point for me (and at times still can be since I do at least one a day to the same crew) so I wanted to begin documenting some of my own talks I enjoy using for others to use in the safety field. I wrote 150 talks so far and I am shooting for another 50 before the year is over. I also want to have many more posters and infographics created that safety professionals can use in their workplaces.

Some Other Options for Toolbox Talks Books Online

Another reason I started the site is a lack of quality free talks online. There are many sites that offer free toolbox talks, but only a handful of the sites have quality material. There are also options to pay for talks online, but many of the options are overpriced or lack in quality. I am pricing the e-book to start at $14.99 for a short period of time. So for $14.99 you get 106 toolbox talks which is only a little over 14 cents per talk! Some of the other paid toolbox talk e-books / books offered online:

  • 12 Safety Talks for $1.99 (
  • 1 (2 page) Accident Investigation Toolbox Talk $2.00 (
  • 20 Toolbox Talks for $4.99 (

Help the Site Grow Faster by Purchasing the Book!

I am a full-time safety professional who works between 50 and 60 hours a week. I use my nights and weekends to grow the site to provide the free information found on it. Buying a copy of the e-book will help cover site expenses as well as allow me to hire freelancers complete some of the ideas I have for content such as safety posters and safety infographics that I do not have the skill or time to create.

Look, I am not getting rich off of this site or this e-book. I have built this site and put together this e-book because I enjoy trying new things as it relates to business and the safety field. My business entity “Innovative Safety Products LLC” was created to offer protection some for my personal assets from any lawsuit-happy individuals. We are safety professionals, were supposed to limit liability and risk right? is a part of my LLC. Right now the site has not come close to producing the amount of money I have put into it (let’s not even factor in the time), but that is okay. I do not do it to quit my job or get rich. I enjoy the process and I enjoy seeing the site grow. The benefits from the effort and time I put into it is 100% mine and I enjoy that fact. That being said, I limit the amount of my own money I put into the site right now which slows how much content I am able to add monthly.

If you are not interested in buying the e-book but still would like to help the site grow, you can! One way the site brings in money is through Amazon affiliate links. If you buy anything after clicking in the ad in the right sidebar of any post you will earn the site a small commission at no cost to you. Also, sharing the site with other professionals or through social media also helps out a lot!

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Why are Toolbox / Safety Talks Important?

Most companies do a toolbox talk or safety talk at least weekly. Other companies do them daily. It is important to make the most of the time provided to communicate relevant useful information to your audience. Many of the topics of focused on in these talks at companies are overused and repeated. While this e-book has many of the “go-to” type talks there is also many original “bigger picture” themed talks included. Thinking outside the box and connecting different ideas together can make a routine run-of-the-mill toolbox fresh and relevant. While not all of these talks may be relevant to the work that your company is completing, ideas from each one can be applied in different ways to the work that you are doing.

By having and documenting informative toolbox talks you can also keep your company compliant when it comes to OSHA regulations. OSHA wants to see proof that certain topics are being covered and hazards are communicated to employees. It is important to document what you talk about during these meetings. Discussing specific hazards or rules and documenting it can serve as proof that a certain message was communicated to a work crew in case of some type of incident or lawsuit. The old saying is: “If you did not document it then it did not happen”. Document, document, document.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and I hope you find the information provided on it useful. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions about the e-book or the site in general. I am always open to feedback or to help you with something if I can do so! Please note- by using this site or the information provided in the e-book you are agreeing to our Terms of Use.

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