Tool Inspection Reminder Safety Poster

This free workplace safety poster serves as a good reminder for employees to inspect their tools every single day. Broken tools are often overlooked in the workplace. Complacency is often the culprit for why employees choose to use broken or damaged tools. Tools that are not functioning properly can lead to a serious injury, usually involving the hands or face.

This tool inspection reminder poster is related to a few safety talks we have posted here on the site. Some related talks are: Hand tool inspections, hand safety, and workplace inspections.

This workplace safety poster is free to download. The poster is 18″ x 24″ and can be printed in your office or a store like Staples. If you resize the photo it may not print as well. Please note that any poster can be customized for a fee. We can also created totally new posters from scratch depending on your needs. Feel free to email us with any comments, questions, or concerns at [email protected] Click the photo below to bring up the full-size PDF version to save or print.

hand tool inspection safety poster picture
Click photo to download full-size PDF.


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