The Ripple Effect of Incidents Safety Poster

If you have not read our safety talk “The Ripple Effect of Safety” you can find it here. The idea that our actions and decisions affect more than just ourselves is an important one to understand. When it comes down to workplace safety this cannot hold more true. When a serious injury or incidents occurs it is not just you who is affected. Your family, your workers, the entire company, clients, the public, and even the environment can be negatively impacted for a long period of time. Employees need to understand how far the consequences of their decisions actually reach- good or bad.

Click the photo below to bring up a PDF that can be saved and then printed in the office or a store like Staples. The original size for this poster is 18″ X 24″. It will print nicely on that size, other sizes may not print as well. Please email us with any comments or questions.

The Ripple Effect of an Serious Incident Safety Poster

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