Line of Fire Construction Safety Poster

This free line of fire construction safety poster is a great way to remind employees of the dangers of being in the line of fire. There are many possibilities of how an employee can find themselves in the line of fire depending on the work that they are completing.

This safety poster focuses on three broad categories of possible ways to be in the line of fire in the construction industry. Under each category there are specific examples. Check out our safety talk on line of fire or our safety infographic on line of fire injuries for more information!

Click on the thumbnail of the poster below to bring up the larger file of the poster. The poster is designed to be printed using 18in x 24in dimensions. If you try to print it smaller or larger than that size you could have issues having it print correctly. Use the printer in your office or send it to a store like Staples to have it printed to post it in your workplace!

Line of Fire Construction Safety Poster

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