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About Jeremy Stiehl safetytalkideas

Thank you for visiting my site! My name is Jeremy Stiehl. Over the last several years I have built this website up in my free time in an effort to solve a personal pain point. The pain point was Jeremy Stiehl Picturewanting an easy-to-use online library of safety materials I could use for “toolbox talks” and safety meetings.

In my first safety position out of college, I was required to lead two safety meetings each day with the same crew who have heard a lot of the same safety messages over and over. Being new to safety was stressful enough let alone the feeling of not being prepared to talk to a seasoned crew. Many nights and weekends spent writing, a few hundred free and paid safety talks later, and tens of thousands of safety pros helped- here we are.

Some More Background on Me

I graduated from Slippery Rock University with a B.S. in safety management and a B.A. in criminal justice. I earned my Associate Safety Professional certification in 2015 and I earned my Construction Health and Safety Technician certification in early 2018. I let my CHST go in 2020 due to not working full-time in construction safety. I earned my Certified Safety Professional certification in 2020 and my Associate in Risk Management certification in 2021.

I left my position in the environmental remediation industry in mid-2019 to work in the insurance industry that services the transportation industry as a Loss Prevention Specialist. Being in the insurance industry allows me to see a variety of operations, meet many different people from various geographic areas, and the position allows me to be creative in helping our clients reduce their losses.

I created this website to provide resources for safety professionals or anyone who has safety responsibilities in their company. I also wanted a platform where I could learn as I researched for articles and created content. I am interested in business building and entrepreneurship, especially as it relates to the safety field so this website serves as a testing ground for those endeavors. I formed Innovative Safety Products LLC in May of 2017. This site’s information and products fall under that LLC.

I look to continue to build this site as well as other related websites and products in the future. I am interested in connecting with other like-minded individuals and business owners who serve the EHS field.

The information on this site is created by me unless otherwise noted. Please visit the terms of use page before using the information provided on this site.

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